Our Mission

At the American Basketball Association, our mission is to provide equal opportunities to all athletes that would otherwise be deprived of them. 

We believe that to change our society, we must give access to quality education to all; and that athletic scholarships are the best route to achieve this.


Global Reach

We have international partners that assist us in finding the best talent globally to bring to America 

Community Focused

We work with local communities to assist the disenfranchised in realizing their basketball dreams

National Endorsement

Our goal is to elevate basketball to the highest reaches of national sports, with a focus on junior athletes

Scholarship Assistance

We work to align generous donors with those in need to assist in ensuring their collegate opportunities

Unlocking Success

By pairing athletes with scholarships, elite coaching and other opportunities we unlock success for all

Future All Stars

We work to discover future all stars for the pro leagues from the pre-collegiate level to give them to tools to succeed

We’ll help you achieve your basketball goals

Get In Touch

If you think that the ABA could help you, or for media opportunities, please use the form below and we’ll get in touch within 48 hours.