American Basketball Association

At the American Basketball Association, we disenfranchised and underprivileged teens in achieving academic outcomes through sport via basketball scholarships and other opportunities which leverage their sporting ambitions.

Global Reach

We have international partners that assist us in finding the best talent globally to bring to America 

Community Focused

We work with local communities to assist the disenfranchised in realizing their basketball dreams

National Endorsement

Our goal is to elevate basketball to the highest reaches of national sports, with a focus on junior athletes

Scholarship Assistance

We work to align generous donors with those in need to assist in ensuring their collegate opportunities

Unlocking Success

By pairing athletes with scholarships, elite coaching and other opportunities we unlock success for all

Future All Stars

We work to discover future all stars for the pro leagues from the pre-collegiate level to give them to tools to succeed

Black Lives Matter

We support and promote #BlackLivesMatter. As an organization with a large proportion of people of color, we see it as part of our job to end the human rights abuses and systemic racism which affects our society.

Empowering Our Youth

At the American Basketball Association we strive to provide young athletes with equal opportunity through introduction to the best coaching, scholarships, and training facilities that they otherwise would have no ability to access.

We believe that sporting opportunities are the strongest route to educational advancement, and that college basketball is the best way to quickly advance the lives of the underprivileged for generations to come.

From Our Supporters

“The ABA gave me the contacts I needed to land a full ride scholarship to play ball and leave with a degree. Without this, I’d be loaded up with student debt, and probably not have been able to even go. Thank you, I’ll forever be a supporter.”

– Leeroy Hewitt


“When I had a promising student that had no prospect of getting into college, the ABA helped work out the best path; and got him looked at. It went well, and he’s now a starting player in Denver. Thank God for the ABA.

РCoach Jim Westmore 

“American Basketball Association has helped all 3 of my sons get into college to play basketball, despite them having pretty average grades. Not sure how they did it, but I owe them forver.”

– La’ Quisha James


We’ll help you achieve your basketball goals

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Indianapolis, IN.  The American Basketball Asssociation (ABA) today announced that the Buffalo 716ers has been added to its growing list of expansion team.  "We are thrilled to have Tawan Slaughter and her team in the ABA," stated Joe Newman, ABA co-founder.  "She has proven herself to be a great leader both on and off the court - and the 716ers will be a wonderful addition to our Northeast Division." Tawan was born and raised in...